1st Decision,

Light, reflective electro with synths and bells-FX.
Perfect as a gentle background music.

chillout loungetechnology underscore universe warm
Active Love

Romantic pop composition,
ideal for big pictures and stirring movie scenes.

popanimals beach friends summer sunshine
Advert Lover

Thoughtful film score with a dreamy piano and a groovy beat.
For fateful, romantic and dramatic scenes.

popdeep feelings inside living love missing
After Night

Relaxed-dreamy Chillout. Positive, easy and slightly romantic.
Great for travel, webcam and lifestyle!

chilloutbeach freedom living outdoor outside sunshine
Agent Date

Bright percussion and synthesizer melodies.
Ideal for spy films, suspense, technology and sci-fi.

moviedeep-moments film lost-places night underscore urban-exploring
Air Droping,

Positive, hopeful easy listening.
Sounds catchy, motivating and airy.

lounge moviedeep-moments film underscore universe
All These Colors

Modern dance pop, a playful piano, saxophone,
SFX sounds and an easygoing beat.

loungebeauty fashion lifestyle summer sunshine underscore
All Time Sound

Hopefully house.
Ideal for VIP and celebrity reports and slide shows.

loungebeauty fashion lifestyle summer sunshine underscore

Percussion heavy World Music title.
Groovy, impelling and slightly mysterious.

movieanimals into-the-wild lost-places underscore urban-exploring wilderness

Modern, fresh, fat Hip Hop track with electro parts.
Sweeping, cool and powerful.

hip-hopfriends lifestyle outside summer sunshine

Underground deep house track.
Mystical and driving grooves mixed with dark synth pads.

electronic loungebeauty catwalk friends lifestyle summer sunshine technology

Dreamy, melodic pop rock track with acoustic guitar, piano and drums.
Well-suited as a movie score for drama or romance.

pop rockfriends living love summer sunshine warm
Autumn Dub

Groovy Electro with an impelling, Dubstep-like beat.
Gripping sound, perfect as film score for action and suspense.

electronicaction beauty fashion lifestyle sport summer survival technology
Aux Coin

Exciting and at the same time funny piano pop rock.
Perfect e.g. as film score for detective movies for kids!

rockfriends living outside sport summer sunshine
Back Day

Drifty, powerful movie score with synths, bass and cool drum beats.
Sounds motivating, energetic and modern! Action, chase, stunts.

electronicaction sport summer survival technology
Because We Are

Driving Dance Pop.
Perfect for themes around good feelings and summer.

electronicbeach beauty fashion friends summer sunshine
Big Numbers

Hopeful corporate pop.
Well suited for image films about technology and design.

rockfriends living outdoor outside sport summer sunshine vacation
Big Picture Trip

Beautiful, inspiring score for optimistic moments
in drama and romance.

movieanimals into-the-wild lost-places outdoor underscore urban-exploring wilderness

Exciting-dramatic film score,
perfect as a news music or hold.

movieaction deep-moments film into-the-wild technology underscore universe warm

Laid-back piano melodies remind us of luxury lounge and pleasant evenings.
Beautiful chillout for relaxation, romance, togetherness and more.

hip-hopbeach family garden living outside summer vacation